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All NEO U9-H users,

We're pleased to announce the official 008 firmware for MINIX NEO U9-H (20180209)

Users with FW007A may update to FW008 via the MINIX OTA app.
(OTA update window is ready)

NOTE: Adoptive storage (e.g. TF card) is not supported by our OTA, please remove any of such storages before proceeding.

Here is the change log since FW007A

1. Fixed status bar bug
2. Fixed HDR related green screen bug
3. Fixed HDR on/off switch bug
4. Fixed Google input method bug

OTA update procedure (will be available in the week coming):
1.) All Apps -> System update (MINIX OTA app) -> Check for updates
2.) Download the OTA update package
3.) Confirm to update and let the system to reboot and complete the update process

To enable the new Kodi 17 passthrough:
1.) Go to Settings -> Audio -> Digital Sounds
2.) If you use a HDMI amplifier, just leave it as "PCM"
3.) If you use a SPDIF amplifier, choose "SPDIF"
4.) If you don't have an amplifier, simply leave this option as "PCM" (default)
5.) In Settings -> Security & Restrictions -> Unknown sources -> On -> OK to confirm
6.) Download and install official Kodi 17.6 stable version or latest nightlies
7.) Enable passthrough in Kodi settings, you DON'T have to if you don't have an amplifier.
8.) Check those passthrough options supported by your amplifier.

Remote controller app for Android phones:

Full system image with USB flashing tool:
MD5 checksum: ECE643423F594DD54643F560F9A05F5B

Full system image flashing guide: update package:
MD5 checksum: A407A9BA6A8C4B8517B419CDB270EEEC

USB .zip update guide:

Please use a download tool which supports resume function to download the update package,
and please make sure you verify the MD5 checksum before proceeding to update!!

P.S. This is the final Android Marshmallow OS firmware; next firmware is already under development. 


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